For open pools, reservoirs, roofs, multi-layer roofing systems, for new construction and reconstruction
Product features
Used in complex geometric structures
High elasticity of 400%
Coating thickness 300 µm
Seamless coating
Resistance to acids with a concentration of 25%
Applied manually or mechanically
Waterproofing of roofs, pools and tanks in all types of industrial and civil construction
Can be applied at low temperatures
Sunlight resistance (UV-resistance)
Ease to use
Can be applied for local repair
For all climatic zones
RAL colors 1003, 1005, 3011, 5015, 6005, 8007, 8015, 9005
Recommended price
Set -1,1 kg – 14,95 (EURO)
Coverage rate of 1 sq. m -350 gr.
Your expenses for 1 sq. m – 4.75 (EURO)