Anticorrosion top coating for metal. Chemically resistant, anti-vandal coating for metal. Anti-slip coating for metal with RESTOR MBF fillers
Product features
The service life of the coating with a thickness of 100 μm in high corrosion environment (C5) is more than 15 years
Versatility of use
Sun light resistance (UV-resistance)
Resistance to 25% acid solutions
Applied manually or mechanically
Anti-vandal coating
Can be applied at low temperatures
Base preparation to the of St2 degree or application on the base preliminary primed with SILOR GS
Can be applied in all climatic zones
Color RAL K7 Classic
Recommended price
Set 1.5 kg -14.75 EURO
Flow rate at 1 sq. m -250,0 gr
Your expenses for 1 sq. m -2.46 EURO