Bonding of metal, stone, concrete and fiberglass products in various atmospheric conditions. Underwater technical activity. Restoration of tank. Strengthening and protection of metal structures. Restoration of ships, repair and strengthening. Repair and protection of equipment in oil and gas industry.
Product features
The service life of the coating with thickness of 1 mm in a highly aggressive environment C5M (ISO 12944-5) - more than 15 years
Coating thickness 1 mm
Applied manually or mechanically
Resistance to 95% sulfuric acid solution
Resistance to 25% sodium hydroxide solution
Resistance to 37% hydrochloric acid solution
Resistance to 25% nitric acid solution
Recommended price
Package 1.0 kg -14.20 EURO
Flow rate at 1 sq. m 300 g
Your cost of 1 sq. m -4.26 EURO